SSARS - Courses

Basic Licensing Course

After the December 20 2018 wind storm, islanders were well aware of the importance of communications. We need to ensure we can communicate with neighbours, family and the authorities. We also need critical updates on damage to infrastructure, other advisories and to be able to request help for medical emergencies, supplies and other resources.

The Salt Spring Amateur Radio Society offered a four week licensing course starting on Feb 17 2019. It was free of charge as a public service for island residents. With a very high success rate, the course helped ensure that more individuals will be able to serve as a critical link in a failsafe island network during a real catastrophe. If cellphone towers and coverage fail, amateur radio can continue to provide a vital communications.

The CVARS (Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio Society) provided instruction for the course. As well as this course, they have helped many new hams get started in amateur radio.

While the course that ran from Feb 17-10 is over, you can send your contact information to and get on a waiting list for the next course.