Useful Frequencies



VE7GDH is running Winlink Express (formerly RMS Express) P2P on 144.970 MHz. Three inter-connected packet nodes were installed in our repeater hut by VARPA some decades ago. They were handed over to SSARS in early 2015. We gladly took over ownership because we didn't want to see them disappear. They are valuable part of the communications infrastructure for the whole Vancouver / Nanaimo / Victoria area. With that said, VE7SPR-6 failed in 2018, followed by VE7SPR-7 in early January of 2019, and finally VE7SPR-8 went down in March of 2019. All failures were caused by the TNCs. VE7SPR-8 and VE7SPR-7 were put back in service on April 17 2019, but for now, they are not interconnected. VE7SPR-8 is still using the original PK-80 TNC, but VE7SPR-7 is now using a KPC-3+. Because of this, you will have to modify scripts that use VE7SPR-7 to include "!WAITFOR Help ?" after the "CONN"... e.g.

!WAITFOR or Help ?

Winlink Express can be downloaded from It can be used at 1200 bps and 9600 bps on VHF/UHF and can also use WINMOR with a sound card type of interface such as the SignaLink USB for WINMOR on HF and even a PACTOR modem.