The Salt Spring Amateur Radio Society is an active group of ham radio operators on Salt Spring Island, BC. The purpose of the Society is to promote Amateur Radio technology, provide education in its operation and use and support local networks, emergency communications, community events and member activities. Our goal is to foster and promote amateur radio and encourage "radio activity" and be ready to provide communications in time of need. We maintain and operate three voice repeaters (FM & C4FM) and three packet nodes.


The Salt Spring Amateur Radio Society (SSARS) operates three repeaters. They are VE7RSI, VE7RGP, and VE7EMG. They are all dual mode analog/digital repeaters, responding to conventional FM and digital C4FM.

SSARS Weekly Net

The Salt Spring Amateur Radio Society weekly net takes place on Wednesday evening at 7 PM local time. It commences on 146.595 MHz simplex, then moves to 446.300 MHz simplex. A tone of 123.0 Hz should be used on the simplex frequencies. We then move to VE7RSI on 147.320 MHz. It requires a tone of 88.5 Hz for FM. C4FM check-ins will be taken on VE7RSI after the FM portion of the net. Finally, we move to 3750 KHz. There is also an informal get-together on 146.595 MHz at 8 am every day, a sked on 3753 kHz at 08:30 M-W-F and another on 14.155 MHz on Sunday evenings at 17:00.