The Club...

The Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Club is an active group of ham radio operators on Salt Spring Island, BC.


The Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Club (SSIARC) operates the VE7RSI repeater on 147.320 MHz with a + offset and 88.5 Hz CTCSS. As of April 25 2014, it was replaced by a Yaesu DR-1. It supports both FM and digital C4FM FDMA. Yaesu's name for this is System Fusion. To accommodate FM users, the repeater started transmitting a a tone of 88.5 Hz so they didn't have to listen to digital transmissions with an FM-only radio. After a transition period ending on July 14 2014, the tone was required on the input too. The delay in implementing the tone requirement on the input was so that everyone would have lots of notice about the upcoming change.

The first radios to support C4FM FDMA were the FT1DR HT and the FTM-400DR mobile. The FT-991 HF radio (HF/6M/2M/70cm) was released in spring of 2015, and the FT2DR HT was available by summer. The FT-991 has a colour touch screen and the FT2DR has a greyscale touch screen. The FT1DR, FT2DR and FTM-400 can send text messages back and forth and transfer pictures. The FT1XDR HT and FTM-400XDR mobile radios with better GPS receivers were available in 2015. The VE7RSI repeater seamlessly goes back and forth betwen FM and digital, depending on what type of signal it hears.


We also operate the VE7RGP repeater on 444.550 MHz + 103.5Hz CTCSS. After something like 25+ years, it was replaced by a Yaesu DR-1X on October 30, 2015.

SSIARC Weekly Net

The Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Club weekly net takes place on Tuesday evening at 7 PM local time. It commences on 146.595 MHz simplex, then moves to 446.300 MHz simplex. A tone of 123.0 Hz should be used on the simplex frequencies. We then move to VE7RSI on 147.320 MHz, which requires a tone of 88.5 Hz for FM. C4FM check-ins will be taken on VE7RSI after the FM portion of the net. Finally, we move to 3750 KHz. There is also an informal get-together on 146.595 MHz at 8 am every day.