Operating Tips

Winlink Express on RF

Affordable and Proven Radio Data Rigs for Winlink Email Service by Jim VA7OPD and Gary VE7POP. This document (updated Feb 1 2021) deals mostly with VHF packet, but some options could be used on HF too.

Info for New Hams

There is an "info for new hams" section with tips on radios, operating freuquencies and "on-air" procedures.

Coax Connectors

Installing coax connectors is a bit of an art. Having the right cable stripper and crimp-type connectors make it a lot easier. However, many times we need to use solder-type connectors. Having a sharp knife and small side-cutters can help. The following help file from RF Industries might help you with this task. Installing UHF Connectors

Useful Frequencies

This page lists some useful frequencies lists our repeater and simplex frequencies, as well as a number of HF frequencies as well links to bandplans and a few nets.

Kenwood TH-D72A

The Kenwood TH-D72A is an APRS equipped dual band HT. It has both a GPS receiver and a TNC inside it. It isn't meant to be a replacement for the manual but these notes on getting started may help someone that is just starting out with the D72. If nothing else, turn it on, make sure the TNC and GPS receiver are enabled. The top (A) frequency should be 144.390 MHz... channel 0 (zero) on our radios. The TNC should be set for APRS12. If it is going to be used for packet, set it instead to PACKET12 with 144.970 Mhz being on channel 990. The lower (B) frequency can be used for voice. The TNC can be used for data applications like Winlink Express as well as for APRS.