Uri Cogan
November 12, 2021

Uri Cogan VA7COG became a silent key on November 12, 2021. Uri was a long-time member of the club and will be greatly missed. He always had interesting stories to tell! Shortly before his passing, he donated his station equipment, including an FT-991A, to SSIARS. Here is an announcement by his XYL, Susan.

Family and Friends

With a sad heart, I'm letting family, friends and neighbours know of the passing of Uri Cogan, my dear husband of 49 years on Nov.12. in his 86th year of life.

We will meet 1pm at Salt Spring Island Natural Cemetary 2100 Fulford-Ganges Road, top of the driveway at the meeting place for the burial. The burial site is narrow, so because of Covid, only double vaxxed please. I ask that only those who have a role and those who are strongly drawn to be there attend. Be prepared to wear a mask when we are closely gathered. After the burial Sunday Nov.14 and until the following Friday November 19 sundown (5pm) my daughter Ora, my brother Marshall from Israel & I will be sitting shiva at home 1750 Fulford-Ganges Road at the ttop of Lee's hill. Neighbours are welcome to drop in over the days as is the Jewish custom. Please come between 2pm-5pm. Covid awareness: trickles of people, masks. If you are not double vaxxed, please come through the gate left of the front door & we will visit on the deck.

Tuesday November 16 beginning at 8pm and going as long as people like, we will have a zoom shiva for prayer & connection with friends & family from all over.


October 21 1935 - November 12 2021

Some Things That I've Done During My Life

Formal Education: Elementary school, Explorer, Fisher, Diver, Security Guard, Flower Storekeeper, Picture Framer, Amateur Radio Operator, Infantry Soldier, Sailor, Naval Electrician, Naval Electronics Technician, Submariner, Underwater Weapon Specialist, Teacher, IBM Customer and Digital Video Engineering, Hi-Fi Sound Systems Designer, Marine Biology Technician, Press Photographer, Investigative Journalist, Freelance Photographer, Filmmaker, Painter, Psychedelic Researcher, Youth Counsellor, Computer System Designer, Award Winning Panoramic Photographer, Website and Graphics Designer, Meditator, Sacred Pipe Carrier. Husband, Father. Friend.